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Kelly Khumalo back on Rhythm City

Samantha Kambule |
28 January 2013

The controversial singer, actress and reality show star is back on Rythm City and we couldn’t be happier!

A biography, a reality TV show, her music and all the controversy - Kelly Khumalo has lived a lot of life. But despite the critics, the singer and actress remains positive.

The public has a certain perception of you, how do you see yourself?
I am just a simple person trying to do the best I can in every way.

What lesson have you learned over the last two years that you will always carry with you?
Through all the good and bad and criticism, what I I've learned is that it’s not over until Christ says so.

How do you deal with criticism?
If the criticism I receive is constructive, I take a step back and learn from it but if it’s not I block it out.

How do you cope with raising your son and  making your comeback?
The support of my family, friends and my faith in God is what keep me going.

How do you handle being a single mother and how will you approach the subject with your son about his dad’s whereabouts?
I am neither the first, nor the last single mother to raise a son and when the time comes I’m certain I will find a way to deal with it somehow.

What drives and inspires you?
My spirituality keeps me motivated and pushes me to pursue my goals.

What's been some of your highlights of 2012?
My reality show, Rolling With Kelly Khumalo, the release of my book The Kelly Khumalo Story, returning to Rhythm City and my music.

What are your goals for this year?
I would like to shoot a live DVD and place much emphasis on my brand by doing national and international tours. I also have a movie up my sleeve titled uSkroef no Sexy and I am looking forward to my first trip to Nigeria.