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Fashion Flashback with Pam Andrews

Graye Morkel |
30 January 2013

Follow Pam Andrews style transformation from piping hot pop star to yummy mummy.   

Pam Andrews rose to fame as a member of 101, the singing group who won the first season of Coca-Cola Pop Stars in 2001, and later launched her acting career as wild child Frankie in the e.tv drama Backstage. Marriage, boob job and controversy aside, today Pam is an established TV actress playing the fiery, go-getting Gail October in Rhythm City.  

We take a look at how Pam’s style has evolved through the years.
When Pam appeared on Coca-Cola Pop Stars, she captured South Africa’s attention with her daring outfits and unwavering confidence. We love Pam’s experimental phase when she first entered the scene. 
Q: How much say did you have about what you wore back then? Tell us about the hair.
A: I had about 10% say in what I wore back then. I was part of a group, but I always wanted to be the one that stood out from the rest. I just wanted to go crazy with my looks all the time. It’s hard to do that in a group because as much as you need to fit in, you also need to stand out individually. We fought all the time because I would question everything and that’s one of the reasons we broke up.
A year later and Pam’s looking the part of a fresh-faced young actress. Her look is toned down just a bit as she moves on from 101 to play the funky Frankie in the TV drama, Backstage.    
Q:So you totally changed your hair here, was it a conscious decision to rid yourself of your “101” image?
A: Yes it was. I went from one bizarre look, to an even more bizarre look. The difference was that I needed to still look a little funky but also more grown-up and ladylike.
Fast-forward to 2007 and we have a 23-year-old woman who has thankfully said goodbye to the lavender eye-shadow and hello to sparkly jewels! After spending a number of years in the media, Pam is now a household name with a sophisticated look to match.  
Q: Do you sometimes see old photos of yourself and cringe? Are there any outfits and looks you wished you hadn’t done?   
A: Oh yes, all the time! Sometimes I’d cry just looking at what I wore, but I think everyone has that moment in their life .You learn new things all the time. I needed to learn my good and bad sides, what suited my body and what didn’t, what looked good and what didn’t. 
In 2008 Pam trades her long locks for a trendy pixie cut while still exuding sexy confidence in a bared mid-section.  
Q: How different is your character’s style to your own style?
A: I have always had 100% say in how Gail’s worn her hair. Gail and I are very similar; we sometimes share the same issues. We’re both two strong, single mothers who wants to go out and rock the world.
Pam goes long again in 2009 and adds some girly bangs. We love this look, a fierce look in the eye offset with a sweet ponytail. 
Q: You seem to maintain a steady weight, is weight gain something that bothers you and are you a dieter? Do you exercise? 
A: I’m very self-conscious about how I look, so I go to the gym on a regular basis. I eat healthy all the time. I wouldn’t call it a diet, because on a diet people can crash. I call it “maintenance”, basically maintaining balance.
The gorgeous blunt bob and side-swepped bangs in 2010 are all kinds of hot! We really love Pam in red and those smoldering eyes are to die for.
Q: You’ve gone from cropped cuts to lovely locks - which look is your personal favorite?
A: I definitely love my long locks. It makes me feel more feminine and a lot more beautiful. Also, no one takes you seriously with a pixie cut.
Bold accessories, pops of color and toned arms. We like the simplicity here; Pam stays true to her bright persona with funky nails and jewelry while keeping it classy in simple black and white clothing.
Q: You’ve had plastic surgery and you’re quite vocal about it, was it always your intention to be open and honest about it and did it change how you dress? 
A: Yes, I did have plastic surgery. And yes, I was really open and honest about it then. But now I regret talking about it, because , people ask me questions about it all the time. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut.
The pose, the disheveled hair, and the colors – this look is grown-up and confident, sexy yet demure. Better yet, it’s a look of a woman, poles apart from where Pam started.  
Q: How has your look changed since you started? How would you describe your look now compared to then?
A: When I started I was influenced by punk rock and funky, and now I’m more into the classy, sexy and beautiful…but with a touch of bad ass. 
Which is your favorite look? Don’t miss Rhythm City Weekdays at 7:30PM.