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Gossip: Candice Swanepoel says being an Angel is challenging

19 February 2013
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Candice thinks people sometimes get the wrong idea about her line of work.

The South African says being a Victoria’s Secret model is a “lot more challenging than it looks”.The star became one of the luxury lingerie company’s Angels in 2010 and is enjoying the role immensely. It is different to any other kind of modelling, with the company expecting its girls to inject a lot of personality onto the catwalk during its annual show.

“For me, it’s about having a love for life and being confident. Having a positive attitude and being healthy are also qualities that Victoria's Secret Angels have. Being an Angel is different than other modelling jobs because you have to be a spokesperson as well. It’s a lot more challenging than it looks!” she told GraziaDaily.

Candice knows she is lucky to have the job though and loves getting to shoot on beautiful beaches. She views it as her job to stay in shape and is careful about what she eats and the amount of exercise she does.Typically she eats things like fish, vegetables, nuts, avocado and goji berries. The 24-year-old star allows herself cheat meals too, but never goes too far as she finds her skin looks its best if she eats well.

When it comes to clothes, Candice is relaxed and finds herself in awe of people who take style risks. “My off duty style is very casual and comfortable. I like to look chic so I love to buy simple pieces to wear day to day. I travel a lot and am constantly on planes so I tend to go for easy cotton pieces and team them with killer accessories to luxe it up a bit. I do love how daring London girls are with their fashion, they always look amazing,” she gushed.

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