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Last Week on Scandal!

15 April 2013
Daniel Nyathi

Daniel asks Donna to leave the country and Shakira finds out Cain has been playing her.

After learning that Donna tried to frame his son, Daniel is livid. He approaches Donna and tells her to leave the country or face his wrath. Will Donna risk her life to defy him? 

Shakira isn't impressed to discover Cain's been seeing Morongwe too and approaches Sasha with a bold, vengeful plan.

Sasha gets more involved with her story and Graham. She tries to trap Cain using Shakira as bait, but Cain is one step ahead of her.

Maletsatsi recognises the new English teacher at Soweto Heights as a dark man from her past with an even darker secret. Can this teacher be trusted?

Gloria makes a startling transformation for Kila and Aku makes an even more startling revelation to him when a stranger arrives from Ghana. Aku reveals the real reason she pursued Kila.

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