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Identity of the Killer is Revealed

22 April 2013

Graham is the serial killer and Sasha is his next victim. We’ve all been duped! We look at all the clues that pointed to him being the killer.

And the truth finally comes out… You know what they say; sometimes we don’t see what’s right in front of us. After weeks of speculating who the Sleeping Beauty Serial Killer could be, it was finally revealed on last Thursday’s episode that the killer is; wait for it…Graham Wilson!

After Sasha’s plan to trap Cain using Shakira as bait fails, defeated Graham and Sasha go their separate ways. Graham goes back to his B&B room. We see inside his room for the first time and to our horror the walls are covered in pictures of Sasha. That can only mean one thing – he’s got a shrine for his next victim! 

How could we not have known Graham was the killer? All the signs were there. We look at all the clues that pointed to him being the killer.

Inserting himself in the investigation: Serial killers are infamous for inserting themselves into the investigation to keep tabs on the developments.  Yes, Graham approached Sasha under the guise of a grieving widower. But we should have known he had ulterior motives when he started frequenting NFH. Usually sources tip off journalists about the story and then they go back to living their lives. They don’t hang around the newsroom for days on end! And remember what he said after Sasha’s witness was found dead? He said; “Do you realize he’s watching you…?" Yes, everyone in the newsroom was worried that the killer might be in their proximity and that he might be keeping an eye on Sasha, but Graham’s comment was just too creepy!

Wasn’t it also a little strange that he showed up so quickly after Sasha broke the story? What are the odds that she suspects there is a serial killer and then a few days later she finds someone to corroborate her story?

Renate’s death: When Renate first came to meet Sasha, she saw the killer in the foyer and she fled. But when Eddie and Sasha looked at the NFH security footage they couldn’t see who she was running from because the person stood at an angle where they knew the camera couldn’t pick up his image. Would a killer who’s never been to NFH before know how to avoid the camera? Graham must have figured this out since he is always at NFH!

A few days later Renate is found dead – the day she’s supposed to meet Sasha and positively identify Cain as the serial killer. Graham arrived late at NFH that day – just moments after the police announced Renate’s death. Where had he been all this time? No one asked about his whereabouts. He might have killed Renate because he knew she would rule out Cain as a suspect.

Over-eager about the story: Okay we get it, his wife was the first victim and he’s dedicated his life to finding the person responsible for her death. But wasn’t Graham a little too eager? He always encouraged Sasha to pursue the story even when there were no leads. After Renate’s murder Sasha was overcome by guilt and even contemplated letting the story go. But Graham comforted her and told her she owed it to herself and to the victims to keep on. Right!

Psychotic behaviour: Remember when he asked Sasha what she would do if she finds the killer before the police? When Sasha said if she and the killer where in a room alone she would be the only one to walk out, he seemed satisfied with her answer. He approved. Why would he want to know if Sasha is capable of murder?

Remember how he snapped at Thembeka in the lift when she told him Sasha isn’t a pushover. He told her to mind her own business. While we’re allowed to lose our temper especially when nosey people like Thembeka meddle in our affairs, Graham’s reaction was slightly unnerving.

The romance factor: The profile of the killer said the psychopath dates the women before he kills them. We were all concerned when Cain started dating Shakira and Mo. Graham’s romantic interest in Sasha should have been a sign that he might be the killer.

What signs do you think we’ve missed during this serial killer saga? Share your views below.

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