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9 Reasons we love Lalla Hirayama

Charne Simpson |
15 September 2014

The SA’s Got Talent judge is on Sistahood today at 4PM. If you don’t already love her, we found 9 reasons you should. 

This Japanese born presenter, dancer and newest SA’s Got Talent Judge is a whole lot more than just a pretty face. 

Lalla Hirayama on talent and finding herself

You might remember Lalla as Felicia, a member of the all-girl group, Sizzle, on Rhythm City. Or from hosting the reality competition Tropika Island of Treasure 3.

We bet you didn’t know that she toured with the late great Lebo Mathosa as a back-up dancer for Boom Shaka. 

If you aren’t already obsessed with this powerful chick, here are 9 reasons you should be:

1. Her tweets are inspirational 

2. Her selfie game is on point


3. She’s proud to say she loves God

4. She has manners and says thank you

5. She has awesome friends 

6. The girl knows how to dress up

7. But she’s also a little gangster

8. She loves her man

9. She understands 

Follow her on Instagram: @lallaandchris011 
And Twitter: @lalla_hirayama

Watch this power-house episode on Sistahood today at 4PM. You can also catch her judging SA’s Got Talent every Sunday at 6:05PM