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Kasi-licious recipe: Chicken Fillets with Spinach, Butternut & Feta

11 February 2016

Slikour showed us his kitchen skills with his Kasi chicken breast stuffed with spinach, pumpkin & feta, served with mixed cabbage salad & beetroot!

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X2 Chicken Breasts
X1 Bunch of Spinach
X1 Butternut (Medium-Sized)
200g Danish Feta
Boiled Beetroot (Small)
X1 Head of Red Cabbage
X1 Head White Cabbage
60ml Red Wine Vinegar
x2 Large Carrots (Peeled & Cut into Strips)


In a small sauce pot, add your peeled and chopped butternut and boil it for about 15-20-minutes until very soft. Take your butternut and mash it until it is semi-smooth, then add salt & pepper to taste.
Butterfly your chicken breast, but make sure you don’t cut them in half!Take your raw spinach and place it on one side of the ‘butterflied chicken breast’, add a table spoon of your butternut, followed by a tablespoon of feta. Then season with salt & pepper.
Roll your chicken so that none of your stuffing falls out.
Once you have rolled your chicken breast, gently fry it on a medium heat. When frying your chicken, remember to fry it starting off where the rolled part of the chicken starts; this will seal the breast so that none of the stuffing comes out.
Fry this for around 4-minutes and then turn over and fry for another 5-minutes, remember to season well.
In a pre-heated 180ºC oven, place your chicken to finish off cooking, for about 10-12-minutes
Chop your red and white cabbage as thin as possible.
Add your vinegar to your chopped cabbage and finish off with some finely chopped carrots.

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