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5 Reasons to watch #TheFixer

13 April 2017

The Fixer starts on Monday, 17 April at 8:30PM, and if you’re not excited yet, here are five reasons why you should be!

1. It’s award-winning television

The series stars the beautiful and sexy award-winning actress Kerry Washington as crisis management expert Olivia Pope.

2. If you like How To Get Away With Murder, you’ll love this!

The Fixer is created by the same brilliant mind that brought us How To get Away With Murder, Shonda Rhimes, who’s already a TV legend in her own right. So if you’ve been tuning into How To Get Away With Murder every Wednesday at 9:30PM, you’ll definitely be super into The Fixer as well.

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3. The scandal!

Will. Blow. Your. Mind. Olivia and her team take on the biggest and baddest scandals, all the while she’s trying to hide her forbidden love affair with Fitz (otherwise known as Fitzgerald Grant) the President of the United States.

4. We get to be fixers

Yep, we’re on #TeamPope! We get to be Gladiators in suits, we fix problems, manage crises and save reputations – from the front row seats of our couch of course…

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5. The writing is EXCELLENT

I mean, it’s created by Shonda Rhimes so how could we expect anything less than brilliant! The drama does not quit, witty comebacks and snappy retorts will have you going ‘Yaaas’ every episode.

If these reasons haven’t motivated you to tune into The Fixer premiere on Monday, 17 April at 8:30PM, perhaps this trailer will: