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#etvTheFixer: Amanda Tanner is kidnapped

15 May 2017

Tonight Olivia has her hands full when Amanda Tanner gets kidnapped from her apartment and a plane crash leaves everyone dead. The Fixer, Mondays at 8:30PM.

When Olivia establishes that Amanda is gone, she goes into panic mode and assembles a team to help track her down. But Quinn tells her she thinks Amanda ran away as her purse and cellphone is also missing.

When Amanda’s dad files a missing person’s report, Olivia asks Huck and his dark past to help find her.

Will Huck agree?

Later, Olivia must help save the reputation of the late pilot, Lori Mackelson, as the airline has motive to put the blame on her.

Watch the trailer below:


Tune into The Fixer, Mondays at 8:30PM. #etvTheFixer