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Baby shower drama on Broken Vows

Nandipha Pantsi |
26 May 2017

It wasn’t all baby games and gifts at Azania’s lavish baby shower. Broken Vows, weekdays at 8PM.

Azania and her friends are super stylish, so we knew that her baby shower would be nothing short of glamorous!

What we didn’t expect was all the drama that came with the cake and nappies.

Lydia made her presence felt 

Lydia started planning her outfit days before the baby shower. So we knew she wanted to cause a splash. She arrived in a bright red dress, carrying a huge gift from Ace to Azania. She threw shade at Gerty every chance she got and obviously, she spent most of the time by the bar.

Chris was surprised that his father was there 

Chris has a very strange relationship with his parents. They’re not really a big part of his life. So he was pleasantly surprised to see his father there. What’s more interesting is the fact that it was Ace who convinced Chris’ father to go. We later realised that Chris's parents won't accept Azania into their family. Are they racists? 

Azania had a breakdown 

Poor Aza! She had the best baby shower money could buy, but it wasn’t perfect at all. She was very disappointed that her father didn’t show up. To make matters worse, she started hallucinating! Talking to her late brother who’s been visiting her in her dreams.

What did you think about Aza’s baby shower? 

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