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This week on Broken Vows

31 May 2017

Thandi and Uhuru get a deadly surprise and Chris tells Azania shocking news about Ace. Broken Vows, weekdays at 8PM.

Azania is forced to confront the demons of her past. Uhuru learns something he might not be ready to hear. Andani and Bakang’s plans to delay the wedding are foiled by an unexpected source.

Gerty resorts to playing dirty with a family member. Azania discovers something shocking about her mother’s past. Charmaine accidentally divulges a very sensitive secret.

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Azania is humiliated by someone she loves dearly. Thandi comes face to face with danger. The family discovers the extent of Chris’ problems.

Plagued by her own guilt, Azania confesses to Ace that she’s going to come clean. The stakes are raised as Lebo and Lulu’s fiery love triangle almost comes crashing down. Thandi and Uhuru are disrupted by a deadly surprise.
While Azania still considers talking to the police about the incident, Chris gives her some shocking news about her father. Lulu makes a terrible mistake and tries her best to fix it. Chris takes matters into his own hands.

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