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Lizzie is on a mission

Lwazi Mluma |
31 May 2017

She worms her way into Celia’s life. Harvest, Mondays at 9:30PM

After Lizzie stole the truck full of weed from the Jebe’s, she returns it to Celia. But she wants something from her. She starts by negotiating a price of R50K, however, Celia refuses to pay her. In fact, she first roughens her up a bit.

We are then taken back to her previous life, from the day Celia traded the dagga with her mother’s bucket, to how she ended up in jail.

Soon, Celia takes a liking to Lizzie and offers her a permanent job as her Personal Assistant. But we all know that Lizzie is there for revenge.

Will she be able to take on Mrs. Greenfingers?

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