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The wedding that never was

Nandipha Pantsi |
2 June 2017
Niki and Suffo

Just when we thought Niki and Suffo were finally going to get their happily ever after – the truth came out. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Poor Niki! After a rough couple of months in her marriage, she thought a vow renewal would strengthen her relationship with Suffo. Little did she know that Suffo was doing some investigating into the paternity test results of Puleng’s baby.

He found out that he is the father and that Niki has been lying to him the whole time! But instead of talking to Niki about the issue privately, he decided to show up at the vow renewal ceremony and humiliate her in front of all their family and friends.

He told everyone that he was the father of Puleng’s baby and that he would not be marrying Niki.

Niki was devastated! She begged Suffo to let her explain herself, but he wouldn’t hear it. He stormed out and rushed off to be with Puleng and the baby.

The wedding didn't happen, but Niki and Suffo looked gorgeous and the venue was decorated beautifully. 

How gorgeous are the flower arrangements? 

Niki’s dress was simple and sexy.

Bash had his moment.

They look sooo good together though!

Could this really be the end of Suffo and Niki?

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