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Thandi is traumatized

Nandipha Pantsi |
2 June 2017

First she found a bullet in a box, now there’s a snake in her room. Broken Vows, weekdays at 8PM.

When Thandi was just a child, she told Mam’ Gerty something that would change their lives forever.

She overheard Bra Ace talking on the phone and found out that he was involved in a big scam! Mam’Gerty took the information straight to the police and Ace went to jail.

Now that he’s out on parole, he wants revenge on Mam’ Gerty and Thandi.

Poor Thandi! She was very shook when she found a snake in her room with a note that read: “Goodbye”. She also told Mam’Gerty that there have been a lot of strange things happening around her lately.

Mam’ Gerty is convinced that Ace is the one terrorizing Thandi. She assures Thandi that she’ll be protected – but doesn’t tell her anything about Ace.

Thandi believes Ace is still in prison!

Can Gerty protect Thandi from Ace? 

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