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Timothy gives us life!

Lwazi Mluma |
7 June 2017

We can’t help but get excited whenever Timothy appears on our TV screens. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM

Played by Charlie Bouguenon, Timothy is one of the spiciest and funniest characters on Scandal! His onscreen chemistry with Yvonne and his ability to converse in Sotho are one of the reasons why this character gives us life.

After an intense conversation with Grace, Yvonne confronts Timothy of skinnering with his “friends” about her. Timothy apologetically justifies it in Sotho how it was just a conversation in passing.

When Yvonne aggressively takes his phone to make a call, Tim shades her about having airtime issues. Just when she’s done with the phone call, Timothy says to her in Sotho: “Ag, shem. Askies!”

Catch the full episode here.

What’s your favourite Timothy and Yvonnne moment?

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