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Richard and Celia have unfinished business

Lwazi Mluma |
12 June 2017

At some point, Richard and Celia were in love and now they seem to be enemies. Harvest, Mondays at 9:30PM.

We were stunned when we learnt that Richard and Celia had an affair. This was after she had found out her husband was cheating on her.

And for the first time we saw the softer side of Celia. Who knew she could smile? We also learnt that Richard taught Celia how to speak English and that the “Widow’s Gold” was his business idea.

But now, after Celia finds out that Richard is back in town, she tries to look for him and tells Lizzie she’s going to squash him like a spider.

However, it’s Richard who finds Celia first. He tells her that he’s there to claim back what’s his – Celia. Then one thing leads to another and they make out.

After this, will they remain enemies?

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