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This week on Rhythm City

12 June 2017

Sabelo and Sindiswa plan to steal Mapula’s travel allowance, Niki warns David about Pearl and Bongi misses her wedding rehearsal. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


Pearl continues to manipulate David. Niki warns David about Pearl. Bongi becomes increasingly insecure about being eclipsed by Reneilwe. Bongi misses her wedding rehearsal and is shocked when she hears what happened. Sabelo and Sindiswa plan on getting their hands on Mapula’s travel allowance.


Bongi is absolutely furious about Lerato standing in for her at the wedding rehearsal. Pearl cosies up to Toolkit. The wedding gets underway and Lungile is shocked to see how much press attention there is. David learns that Pearl has a mother in jail. As the wedding nears its end, Bongi pulls off a masterstroke which stuns Lungile.


Rene is unhappy about how the launch is going. David draws closer to Pearl. Roberto and Flavia gloat at the thought that they’re setting David up.

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Emotions are getting more complicated between Pearl and David. Roberto and Flavia tell Pearl that she won’t get any payment unless she sleeps with David. Sindiswa is considering giving in to Sabelo’s demand. Bongi is upset over the poor sales of her new album.


Pearl goes behind Roberto's back. Sindiswa is on the point of giving in to a moody Sabelo. The attraction between Lerato and Lungile is developing slowly - and reluctantly.

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