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How Harvest left us in awe

Lwazi Mluma |
13 June 2017

The plot and the twists in #Harvest just keep intensifying. Harvest, Mondays at 9:30PM.

South Africa was never ready for that melodramatic and thrilling episode of Harvest. The plot and the twists just kept us glued and amazed.

We were just not impressed when Richard escaped from Mzwandile, but Mzansi raved about his hotness.

Celia finally gave Ndoni a warm klap. Well, we don’t feel sorry for her.

Pulling a power trip, Litha proved to be as annoying as Ndoni.

Celia’s monologue about the “spider” just gave us chills. It was everything.

Richard came to claim back what’s his. The chemistry between him and Celia had us thrilled and she made swearing sound so romantic. And well… they ended up sleeping together.

But we were in disbelief to find out that Richard is also sleeping with Lizzie who has just been getting closer to Celia. Who’s fooling who?

What’s next? All we can say, you haven’t seen anything. It’s about to get more gripping.

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