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Is Sindiswa good for Sabelo?

Nandipha Pantsi |
13 June 2017

She’s the girl he’s always wanted, but is she good for him? Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Sabelo felt like he hit the jackpot when Sindiswa agreed to be his girlfriend, but it looks she could be a lot more trouble than what Sabelo bargained for.

First, she wanted Sabelo to chase his siblings out of the shack, then she got involved in criminal activities now she wants to get her hands on Mapula’s transport money.

She’s made it very clear that all she cares about is herself and her king, Sabelo. She couldn’t care less about his siblings.

Sabelo has never been the greatest big brother. But it looks like Sindiswa is going to make him worse than he’s ever been!

This will not end well for Mapula, Dineo and Dumisani.

Will Sabelo chose his new girlfriend over his siblings?

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