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Boniswa’s game plan revealed

Lwazi Mluma |
14 June 2017

In a conversation with Chumani, Boniswa reveals why she plans to have Yvonne as Siseko’s second wife. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Just a few days ago, we were stunned when Boniswa told Siseko to take Yvonne as his second wife. Well, it turns out she has a grand plan up her sleeve.

“They say forbidden fruit is sweeter. If he takes her as is his wife, he won’t be cheating with her anymore. The forbidden fruit will lose all its sweetness,” Boniswa explained to Chumani.

Boniswa thinks Yvonne won’t agree to this as she’s not domesticated. But, if Yvonne agrees to the concept, she believes as the first wife, she’ll have an upper hand as she will make all the rules.

If it all fails, and she turns against her by defying her ‘first wife rules,’ Boniswa thinks Siseko will finally see the true witch Yvonne is.

She is strongly confident she’ll come out victorious. Do you agree?

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