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Inside Bongi’s wedding

Nandipha Pantsi |
14 June 2017

Bongi combined her wedding with her album launch. Was this the right decision? Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Bongi and Lungile were not on the same page when it came to their wedding. Lungile was excited about marrying the woman of his dreams, but Bongi saw it as an opportunity to upstage Reneilwe and resuscitate her music career.

Here’s what went down:

Bongi looked gorgeous in her wedding dress which was designed by Lulu, from Yours Truly Wedding Concepts on Broken Vows.

Niki was the maid of honour. But it’s safe to say, she wasn’t feeling festive.

Lungile was very annoyed with Bongi doing interviews.

Bongi performed her latest single and dedicated it to her new husband.

Lungile could not believe his ears when Bongi said she had to rush to Cape Town on their wedding night.

Are these two meant to be together or did they just make a big mistake?   

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