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Ray Donovan returns

18 June 2017

He’s back! The suave, aloof fixer is back on your screen with season 2 on Wednesday, 21 June at 9:30PM. #RayDonovan

We’re sad to let Professor Keating from #HTGAWM go, but we can’t say we’re not thrilled to invite Ray Donovan back onto our screens with season 2 of the dark family crime drama.

Expect even more twisted drama to come out of the critically acclaimed series starring Oscar worthy Hollywood stock Jon Voight and Liev Schreiber.

This season we see the FBI hot on the Donovan’s tails after their involvement with Sully’s death. Meanwhile, Abby starts falling for another man. Woah! How will Ray handle that?

And remember the homewrecker Ashley? Well her stalker returns, how will Ray deal with him this time?

This little trailer is getting us so ready to darken up our Wednesday nights with some seriously top quality, premium entertainment.

Watch it below:

Don’t miss the season 2 premiere of Ray Donovan on Wednesday, 21 June at 9:30PM. #RayDonovan