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3 Sides of Hlengiwe

Lwazi Mluma |
16 June 2017

There are three sides to who she is – hers, Damon’s and Jennifer’s. Which one is true? Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

From what we’ve learned from her, she used to be an investigative journalist who worked for a reputable newspaper. But, that was until Damon framed her after she wrote an exposé about him.

1.       Damon believes Hlengiwe was an ambitious journalist who would do anything to get to the top.

2.       Jennifer, on the other hand, thinks Hlengiwe is a sensationalist troublemaker who would write anything to sell her book.

3.       And, Dintle is convinced Hlengiwe is a troubled soul and a gold digger. Well, we suspect Dintle is just being jealous.



So, who is Hlengiwe Twala?

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