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This week on Rhythm City

16 June 2017

David makes a shocking discovery about Pearl and Lungile has an affair with Lerato. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


Sindiswa’s decision causes a rift between Mapula and Sabelo. David makes a shocking discovery about Pearl. Bongi sabotages Electra.


Pearl is at the centre of a tug-of-war between David and Andiswa. Bongi chooses her career over her husband, and Lungile falls into another’s arms.


Fats' scheme angers Cuba, who cracks down on Kops' suitors. Rene makes the situation between David and Pearl worse. Lungile struggles against temptation.

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Rene’s good news is followed by bad. Lungile must choose between Lerato and his marriage. David sets a trap for Roberto - with Pearl as the bait.


Cuba sets her sights on Kop. David reconsiders using his daughter as bait. After a close call, will Lerato and Lungile be able to end their affair?

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