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This week on Scandal!

Lwazi Mluma |
16 June 2017

Dintle is determined to thwart a budding relationship, Quinton begins to fear a situation, Boniswa plots a revenge and Yvonne reveals a plan.  Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Quinton hears some startling revelations about a dead woman, and Yvonne reveals a dastardly plan. Zinzile is appalled that a dangerous situation has been kept from her. Omphile worries that her sister will never change.

Dintle is determined to thwart a budding relationship, and Quinton begins to fear that a situation could be getting out of hand. Zinzile agrees to keep a secret in order to prevent potential violence. A teacher makes it clear that he is onto a young man's shenanigans.

Two people who are working together have their first kiss, not fully aware of the extent of a developing obsession elsewhere. The first battle lines are drawn in a new arrangement. Gontse agrees to consider an offer to a family member.

This is what happened on Scandal! last week.

Verifying the authenticity of a document proves difficult for a pair of sleuths, but the arrival of some new evidence boosts their spirits. Boniswa plots revenge when someone disobeys her. Scelo gets a big surprise from a visitor.

Quinton takes a big step with a woman, blissfully unaware that his future is being planned for him elsewhere. Boniswa is determined to prolong the suffering of a rival for as long as possible. A blast from the past plants a seed in Scelo's mind.

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