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Can Phindile and Javas just date already?

Lwazi Mluma |
23 August 2017

Seriously, we’ve been rooting for this relationship ever since we saw these two together the first time. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

It hasn’t been an easy journey for them. When Javas found out that Phindi was having an affair with a married man, Ndu, he wanted nothing to do with her and even went as far as to call her a homewrecker.

But Javas recently realised that he still has feelings for Phindi, but has been too afraid to approach her.

Just when Phindi finally gathered the confidence to invite Javas on a date, Dintle orders her to ditch the date and start sewing her designs.

Will we ever get to see Phindi and Javas together? 

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