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#RayDonovan: The old Mickey is back

23 August 2017

Just when we thought Ray had him under control, Mickey plans a heist and even ropes in his parole officer. Ray Donovan, Wednesdays, 9:30PM.

Say what you want about Mickey Donovan, but the man is a hustler of the grandest kind. And even we find ourselves being swayed by his charms at times.

This season began with Ray having to fetch his father from Mexico to get him under control so the Sulley murder stays under wraps.

And so far, Mickey has been cooperating fairly well under his parole officer who Ray specifically hired.

But this week, Mickey manages to rope the parole officer into his plan of robbing a medical marijuana store.

What’s more, one of his sons joins the heist plan too. Which son do you think it is?

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