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Lindsay asks Voight for help on #ChicagoPD

5 September 2017

It’s Lindsay’s first day at her new job, but when things don’t go according to plan, she ropes in the expertise of the Intelligence Unit. Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

Tonight Lindsay’s new unit, the federal drug task force, must take down Damien Mendoza, a big-deal drug smuggler in a major Chicago cartel.

But when the mission to grab Damien goes awry, Lindsay tells her new boss, Lang, she thinks the Intelligence Unit might be able to help them.

As the search for Damien continues Voight and Lang clash because Voight’s methods are not according to book.

Can Intelligence and the federal drug task force work together to find Damien?

After her hectic first day, Lindsay visits Halstead and one thing leads to another.

Will we finally see the romantic relationship we were hoping for?

Tune in at 8:30PM to find out! #ChicagoPD