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Suspected arsonist on the run on #ChicagoPD

19 September 2017

Antonio’s sister asks for his help in tracking down an arsonist who might be responsible for killing her friend, Shay. Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

Tonight Antonio and Gabriella visit the office where Adrian Gish works and confronts him about being an arsonist and accuses him of killing Shay.

Gish denies the allegations, but Antonio finds a reason to arrest him.

At the station Voight and Antonio try to get Gish to confess, but with no luck.

And seeing how difficult it is to prove arson, the Intelligence Unit have their work cut out for them.

Antonio briefs the team and tells them to follow Gish so that he knows they are watching him.

Things, however, go south when the unit figures out that Gabriella is his next target and that Anthony Gish is not his real name.

Can the unit figure out who this guy is? But more importantly, can they get to Gabriella before he does?

Tune in at 8:30PM to find out. #ChicagoPD