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This week on Broken Vows

23 October 2017

Tragedy strikes in Damian’s life, Thandi tries to give Uhuru what he wants and Gerty arranges a church baptism for Ace. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.

Lulu feels insecure after a weekend of silence from Lebo, but he makes it up to her. Tragedy strikes and almost shatters Damian’s life. Ace continues his charade, but not everyone is buying it. Thandi tries to give Uhuru what he wants.

Ace is forced into a partnership. Lebo makes a desperate move and betrays someone’s trust. Lulu’s in love. In trying to keep a happy home, Damian offends Tshiamo. Meanwhile, Zamo has a plan for Uhuru.

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Ace gets an idea from Kornas. Lebo contemplates betraying his Yours Truly family as the clock ticks on T-Boz’s warning. Tshiamo moves into the YT Kitchen and Charmaine calls a truce. Zamo gives Uhuru a night he may never forget.

Uhuru makes some shocking discoveries as he starts piecing together his wild night out with Zamo. Lebo is under pressure as T-Boz starts making threats. Damian and Tshiamo’s relationship hits shaky ground as Tshiamo starts pushing back against Damian’s diva behaviour.

Ace wants nothing to do with the Church baptism Gerty has arranged for him and makes his own plans. When Lebo is threatened by T-Boz at YT, he loses all of the Yours Truly equipment. Despite berating Charmaine for interfering in his relationship with Tshiamo, Damian seeks help with Oratile.

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