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Rhythm City characters who scare us

Nandipha Pantsi |
29 October 2017

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve made a list of Rhythm City characters we never want to meet! Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Here are five characters who scare us most:

Mam Mothibi

Mam Mothibi is no ordinary pastor. She’s praised by her congregation as if she is God herself, can communicate with the dead and has visions of the future. She also seems desperate to have Puleng in her church and will do anything to make sure she becomes one of the wives.

Remember when her right hand man, Brother Wiseman made Nqobi sick? We don’t know what Mam Mothibi’s agenda is, but she is super creepy!


When we first met Lungile, we loved the fact that he was helping Bongi stay sober. But now, he’s turned into a monster who will do anything to get what he wants. He drugged his own wife, made her believe she was going crazy and kept her at a mental institution while trying to take her company and her house away from her. Sies!

David Genaro

If there’s one person we never want to be enemies with, it’s David Genaro. He’s not afraid to torture or kill anyone who stands in his way. In fact, he’s hurt so many people in the past, we believe he actually enjoys it.


She’s a hardened criminal who recently came out of prison. She knows David from back in the day and shares a daughter with him, Pearl. She’s morally corrupt – remember when she was having an affair with Pearl’s boyfriend? She still lives a life of crime and isn’t afraid of going back to prison. 


She’s power hungry and will do just about anything to get what she wants. For the longest time, it’s been Red Records. She doesn’t seem to have a conscious and is willing to lie, steal and cheat her way to the top. Now that she’s about to be a mother, do you think her priorities will change?


From the minute we met Vega, we knew we werent going to like him. He is violent, angry and disrespectful of everyone around him. We're still traumatized from the time he and his friends raped Palesa. Vega committed a horrible crime and there isn't a single thing we like about him. Thank goodness he's in prison. 

Which Rhythm City character scares you?

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