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This week on Broken Vows

30 October 2017

Gerty tests Thandi, Lebo struggles to keep up with his lies and Damian gets some shocking news. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM. 

Ace conspires with Banele to intercept another wedding gift package for Kornas - and wants to take a peek inside. Lebo feels terrible about the camera equipment robbery, but is still unable to tell Thandi the truth. Gerty tests Thandi’s nature with an apology.

Thandi receives disturbing images that force her to cut ties with two people in her life. Having got what he wanted, Ace sends an unsuspecting ally on a wild goose chase, while Lebo struggles to keep up with both his personal and professional lies.

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Thandi’s drunken behaviour lands her in an uncomfortable situation. Damian gets some shocking news. Lulu practices doing the hardest thing she has ever had to do.

Thandi is in for a nasty surprise. Lebo pays off his debt to Damian - but his problems are only just starting.

Thandi fights to keep Yours Truly together while Gerty grapples with her decisions. Lebo finds himself overwhelmed by all the money he owes and is forced to find a solution. Tshiamo and Damian discover Bonnie’s true intentions.

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