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#etvSunrise: Know your credit rights

Chrizane Wessels |
1 November 2017

On Thursday morning we’ll find out more about our credit rights as consumers. Sunrise, weekdays at 5:30AM.

According to Nicky Lala Mohan, the Credit Ombud, almost 10 million credit active consumers are struggling to repay their debts, most of which are avoiding ‘private number’ calls as a result of being handed over by credit providers to attorneys for collections.

Consumers fall behind in paying creditors for various reasons and find themselves blacklisted at credit bureaus.

Join us as we discuss how a situation of this nature can be resolved.

Later in the show we’ll discuss the play, Dear Oliver Tambo, which aims to depict the life and values of the late former president of the African National Congress, Oliver Tambo, and other struggle icons.

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