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Puleng is getting married

Nandipha Pantsi |
2 November 2017

Puleng is marrying Mam Mothibi whether her mother likes it or not. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

It’s the strangest arrangement ever. Puleng’s pastor, Mam Mothibi wants Puleng to marry her and become her third wife.

Remember how the church treated Jamaica when they found out he's gay?

Anyway, Puleng was against this at first, but after Mam Mothibi “healed” her son, she felt indebted to the church.

She ignored all warnings from Mam Mothibi’s other wife, choosing to go ahead with the wedding.

The ceremony started with Mam Mothibi washing Puleng’s feet.

Things seemed to be going well until Cuba, Puleng’s mother, barged in with her friends.

She begged Puleng to stop the wedding and come back home, but Puleng wouldn’t hear any of it. She wants to marry Mam Mothibi.

Is Puleng making a big mistake?

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