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Africa wrap on #etvSunrise

Chrizane Wessels |
2 November 2017

On Friday morning we’ll discuss what has transpired on the African Continent and debate whether or not the apartheid-era flag should be banned. Sunrise, weekdays at 5:30AM.

President Robert Mugabe has called for the return of the death penalty in response to the rising murder rates in the country. It has been 12 years since Zimbabwe’s last practice of capital punishment under its statute book.

Do you think the death penalty should be brought back?

At Monday's nationwide protest against farm murders, the apartheid-era flag was displayed by some farmers and protesters who took part in the #BlackMonday march.

The use of the flag created an uproar in the media with Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa saying he “hope[s] this was the last time any citizens saw the need to hoist the old apartheid flag to try to register any form of unhappiness”.

Should the apartheid-era South African flag be banned?

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