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What game is Damon playing with Siseko’s wives?

Lwazi Mluma |
2 November 2017

After seducing Yvonne, Damon goes and confesses his undying love for Boniswa. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Damon has been on a mission to prove that Yvonne is still in love with him. But, it wasn’t until Boniswa told Yvonne that Damon is over her, that his plan was a success.

Trying to prove Boniswa wrong, Yvonne went straight to Damon’s room and things got way too steamy. Poor Yvonne! She didn’t know Damon installed a hidden camera.

After showing the images to Boniswa, Damon tells her that he couldn’t sleep with Yvonne as he has fallen for someone else. To Boniswa’s surprise, Damon confesses that he’s in love with her.

Is this guy playing some twisted game with Boniswa and Yvonne?

Some think it’s just revenge on Siseko.

While others reckon he might be genuine. 

But, many are waiting in anticipation.

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