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Is Azania leaving Yours Truly?

3 November 2017

A relaxed girl’s night turns ugly when Lulu shares her opinions about Azania’s family. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.

Things have not been easy between Thandi, Azania and Lulu. But when they recently got together for a girls night in, it seemed like their friendship was getting back on track.

They were drinking, laughing and talking about everything on their minds.

But this didn’t last very long. After a few glasses of wine, Lulu shared what she really thought about Uhuru and even went as far as likening him to Ace.

Azania was furious! She couldn’t believe what was coming out of Lulu’s mouth and was angry at Thandi for not saying anything.

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After a heated argument, Azania stormed out saying that she’s leaving Yours Truly to start a new business with her mother.

Is Azania just mad or is she really leaving company?

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