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This week on Broken Vows

4 November 2017

The war between Thandi and Gerty escalate and Lebo tries to steal a prized possession. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.

Shocking revelations at Yours Truly make Ace more than a little suspicious. There’s a complication in Tshiamo’s custody battle and an escalation in the war between Thandi and Gerty. Lebo finally takes a long-awaited step.

The Yours Truly staff prep for an upcoming wedding while Lebo spends his day trying to steal a prized possession. Events unfold which may reveal Ace’s true intentions. Damian and Tshiamo’s love is tested.

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Lebo goes through a thorough security search. Meanwhile, Thandi wants to fire Ace, and Gerty threatens to punish Lydia. Thandi tries to speak to Lebo about what their night together meant. Lulu and Azania are suspicious of Lebo. Meanwhile, Oratile has an important secret - but none of the grown-ups pick up on the clues.

Thandi needs accommodation for Lydia. Lebo comes clean to Thandi. Damian and Tshiamo are at loggerheads about Oratile.

Ace learns that there’s a connection between the Kornas and Vusimuzi’s brother. Damian suspects that Bonnie is planning on taking Oratile. Thandi learns the truth from Banele and Uhuru about Zamo.

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