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This week on Broken Vows

12 November 2017

Thandi and Gerty try to get rid of Ace’s body and Azania loses a lot of blood. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.

Thandi grapples with the aftermath of the explosion at YT, before going to help Gerty with a crisis of her own at Lydia's house. Chris is followed by a woman while meeting with his PI, leading to a shocking revelation.

Thandi and Gerty are forced to make a tough decision to get rid of Ace's body but not before Charmaine comes in to help them. Azania is losing more blood as the clock ticks and it seems she is fading away.

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Things look bad for Thandi, Gerty, and Charmaine as they get caught trying to move Ace's body by someone who has a lot of good reasons to love Ace. Brandon is shocked to hear that Chris has found his daughter and Damian gets further proof that Bonnie wants to take Oratile from them.

Thandi has Ace imprisoned in Lydia's outhouse and she's not letting him go until he agrees to her demands. However Ace is not giving in to her that easily. Chris is still desperately worried about Azania.

Many buried secrets are brought to light for Ace. Lydia's decision causes problems for Thandi and Gerty. Chloe and Brandon continue to play their game with Chris and draws him even closer to her. Damian's suspicions of Bonnie come to a head.

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