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#etvSunrise: How to manage disasters effectively

Chrizane Wessels |
14 November 2017

On Tuesday morning we’ll find out how analysing data can help in predicting and managing disasters. Sunrise, weekdays at 5:30AM.

Severe thunderstorms, flooding and veld fires have hit parts of South Africa over the past few months and years with the death toll climbing and hundreds of people left destitute.

Aneshan Ramaloo, Senior Business Solutions Manager at SAS, has discovered how we can use big data such as population, weather patterns, flood zones and advanced analytics to respond to disasters quicker and more effectively.

How to Steal a City

In our regular book slot, we review the book How to Steal a City; The Battle for Nelson Mandela Bay, An Inside Account. The book uncovers revelations on how the administration in Nelson Mandela Bay was entirely captured, how factionalism within the ruling party supported the corruption and how a complete clean-up was eventually conducted.