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This week on Broken Vows

20 November 2017

The cops are closing in on Gerty, Thandi gets what she wants and things get diabolical for Ace. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.


The body found in the gazebo is identified and Thandi and Gerty are nowhere to be found. Chris is floored when he discovers someone’s false identity is revealed. Lebo is forced to come clean.


The cops are closing in on Gerty. Chloe has to think fast when confronted about her surname. Lulu is in for a surprise.


Gerty and Charmaine do their best to avert a disaster. Brandon thinks he’s found a solution to Chloe's problems. Damian overhears a shocking titbit. Things get diabolical for Ace.

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Thandi gets what she wants. Gerty struggles with guilt. Damian, Lulu and Charmaine are stressed. Lydia and Gerty have a disastrous blow-up. Chloe makes progress with Chris and Brandon becomes subtly threatening.


Thandi has a close shave with the law. Lebo tells Damian who he's in love with, and Damian is caught in the middle of a big mess. Chloe agrees to ingratiate herself to Chris as Brandon's big plan gets underway.

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