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Quinton and Hlengiwe break up

Lwazi Mluma |
29 November 2017

Hlengiwe thinks she deserves more than love from Quinton. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

OMG! Dintle has succeeded in breaking Quinton and Hlengiwe up. Remember when she sent a text to Romeo, pretending to be Hlengiwe, did the same thing to Romeo and also sent a message to Quinton?

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The moment Quinton got that SMS, he followed Hlengiwe to the hotel. And, after that he broke up with her, didn’t want to listen to her side of the story and chased her out of the penthouse, leaving her homeless.

But now, the truth has been revealed and he apologises to her.

In one of the most emotional scenes, Hlengiwe confesses that she whole heartedly loves Quinton. But she also believes that love isn’t enough without trust and refuses to give him love back.

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