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Romeo can’t date while Lindiwe is still alive

Lwazi Mluma |
29 November 2017

Poor Lindiwe! She never expected that one day Romeo will forget about her and move on. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Lindiwe walks into her house while Zinzile and Phindile are talking about Hlengiwe and Romeo. When she overhears Romeo could be dating a journo, her heart gets shuttered into a million pieces.

Even though they broke up over a year ago, Lindiwe is in disbelief that the love of her life would swiftly move on like that. In fact, she is still stuck on what Romeo promised her.    

Lindiwe confesses to Phindile that Romeo promised to wait for her until she finishes school so they could get married.

When Phindile tells her how boys of today are different to our grandfathers, she’s clearly heartbroken.

“That can’t happen, Aunty! At least not while I’m alive,” says a devastated Lindiwe.

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