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‘A family that eats together, sticks together’

Lwazi Mluma |
6 December 2017

By the looks of things, Siseko spoke those words a little too soon. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Things seem to be going pretty well in the Langa family. Siseko is back home and the wives are getting along just fine. It’s also been a long time since they all shared a meal and they’re joyful.

But beneath the surface one wife is silently waging a war against another.

Just as they’re about to eat, Dambisa walks in with a bunch of newspapers. But, she’s hiding one and Yvonne calls her out.

Published on the first page is a picture of Yvonne and Damon, sharing a very intimate kiss. Siseko is infuriated and he storms out of the room. Yvonne blames it on Damon and Boniswa is confused.

Who sent the picture to the newspaper?

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