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Boniswa found guilty of sabotaging Yvonne

Lwazi Mluma |
6 December 2017

IT experts discovered that the image sent to the Daily Skinner was sent from Boniswa’s laptop. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

There’s just no peace in the Langa household. After Damon has been scratched off the list of possible suspects who could’ve sent the picture of him smooching with Yvonne - Boniswa’s name is added.

But Boniswa insists she would never do that, and Yvonne acts as if she believes her. To prove her innocence, she hands them her laptop, cellphone, and even suggests that they check her car.

Siseko decides to send Boniswa’s laptop to IT experts. When it comes back, the evidence points to Boniswa.

Siseko is blindsided by Yvonne, once again!

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