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This week on Rhythm City

11 December 2017

Puleng rejects offers of help, Fats gets a pleasant surprise and there’s a mystery guest at David’s wedding. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


David is wandering deeper and deeper into the lion’s den, convinced that Andiswa and he will share a happy married future together. Fats settles on the mystery prize.


Andiswa tries to stop her scheme with Storm - but it’s too late. David and Toolkit plan to take out the 66ers.

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Andiswa feels terrible about her plans for David. Puleng rejects offers of help. Fats gets a very pleasant surprise.


Bash agrees to David’s unusual proposition. Cuba calls on Pastor Isaac for help. Fats becomes emotionally attached.


The mystery guest at David’s wedding is not the man pretending to be Elvis. It’s his killer.

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