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The biggest “Scandals” of 2017

Lwazi Mluma |
13 December 2017

We’re really not surprised that Dintle and Yvonne make an appearance on the list more than once. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Scandal! started on a really high note this year. Dintle was heavily pregnant and we were waiting to see who the baby daddy is.

Damon was falling hard for Yvonne, and she though she had scored a meal ticket.

But these are the scandals that really had us shook this year:

Dintle conned Mangi twice

She claimed her uncles were taking her away, until Mangi paid lobola.

When that money was gone, she told Mangi her ancestors were unhappy with the unborn child, and they needed to pay R50 000 to a traditional healer to save the baby.

Meanwhile, she was living thee life in a spa.

Dintle’s #BabyDaddy

Dintle finally gave birth and Mangi was not the father. At first she said the baby daddy was a prince and later admitted that it’s Quinton’s. This caused a huge rift between the Nyathi cousins.

Damon leaves Yvonne at the alter

Poor YV. She was so ready to become Mrs Bradbury, but Damon was a wanted man and he fled the altar when the police arrived.

The runaway groom also left with his wealth, leaving the bride broke.

Jennifer wanting revenge

Who will ever forget crazy J-Lo? She came with a vengeance and turned Scandal! upside down. She lied about Damon, fell in love with Quinton and kidnapped Layla, almost killing her.

The murder of John Phillips.

Yvonne was in cahoots with John and they robbed Neo. When Neo found out, Yvonne denied everything and John was murdered. 

Then “John Phillips” returned as a ghost but turned out to be his twin brother. This lead to the big trio being formed: Neo, Yvonne and Romeo.

They cleverly managed to get away with murder.

The Langa polygamous marriage

We were not ready when Boniswa proposed that Siseko takes Yvonne as his second wife. But Siseko’s mom hated this decision with every single bone in her body.

Do you remember how she savaged Yvonne, calling her all sorts of mean names during her traditional ceremony?

Zinzile and Gloria’s smackdown

OMG! Who knew Zinzile had it in her? When she got attacked by Gloria at the Spaza shop, she gave her the biggest punch ever.

Dintle fake kidnapping her baby

Dintle again! This “gold-digger-deluxe” will do anything to live the lavish life. When Quinton kicked her out of the penthouse, she fake kidnapped her daughter.

But, like most of her plans, it backfired spectacularly.

Phew! We really can’t wait for 2018. Especially now that we know there’ll be a snake lurking in the grass, wanting nothing but blood.

What’s your favourite 2017 scandal?

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