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Hungani reveals his holiday destination

Lwazi Mluma |
12 December 2017

We met up with Hungani Ndlovu who plays Romeo on Scandal! just to find out where we can stalk him this December.

But, before we get to the juicy details, let’s ask him a bit more about his travel voyage.

We must admit, this lad is well travelled.

Here's what he shared with us:

Name at least three destinations you’ve travelled to.
New York, L.A. and Doha.

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?
Uhmm! Phew! Hazyview, Mpumalanga. That’s where my grandparents are at and I just get to relax.



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Which holiday destination didn’t meet your expectation?
Oh, Wow! Uhmm! The first time I went to Durban. We went to this place that was right next to the beach. The Hotel was just terrible. The couches were very-very old. It was terrible. Like, it was very-very bad!

What’s the one item you can’t travel without?
My camera. Yeah! I always have to take it with.

What else is in your travel bag?
My camera, some towels and travel essentials.

Okay, Hungani! Where are you checking in this December? I’m pretty sure your fans would love to know.
This holiday, I’ll be checking-in at Umhlanga, Durban. Hopefully, Cape Town, too. But, that’s just like a big hope.

And who will you be travelling with?
Uhmm! I’ll be traveling with my partner (You know who that is, right?). I’ll be travelling with my sister, her husband and maybe my friends.


At a point in my life when I was not interested in a relationship, she hit on me and I.... well, I said yes  So glad I did 

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Thanks, man. Enjoy your trip. At least now we know where to find you.

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