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Boniswa accidentally poisons Siseko

15 December 2017

Her plan was to poison herself and incriminate Yvonne. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Boniswa thought she had a brilliant plan. She would poison her tea, take a small sip, and before she would take a second sip - Ma’Maduna was supposed to walk in and stop her.

Because she would only take a small sip of the tea, she wouldn’t die but only end up in hospital.

She would then plant a receipt of the poison in Yvonne’s bag to incriminate her. By the time she recovers, Yvonne would be behind bars.

But the plan went horribly when Siseko drank the tea, instead!

Looks like this festive season is going to be a dark one for the Langa’s.

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