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Mapaseka Koetle talks Instagram

Lwazi Mluma |
22 December 2017

The ever-hilarious Mapaseka who plays Dintle on Scandal! shares her IG secrets with us.

It’s near impossible to have a conversation with Mapaseka Koetle and not burst into laughter.

You don’t believe us? Check her out on her IG account @pasi_koetle

We caught up with the Scandal! star to ask about the ins and outs of her IG strategy and she did not disappoint:

So Pasi, do you prefer live Instagram stories or regular post?
Uhmm! Live… No, No! Regular posts.

Have you ever posted something only to delete it later? What was it and why?
Yeah, I have. LOL! I posted a picture of myself breastfeeding my daughter. But, because I was in a restaurant, I hid myself.  And people were like… “Nywee-nywee! You’re suffocating the baby.” You know how ama- Pediatrician and ama-ini-ini of Instagram are like. I deleted it because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with them.

We feel you, Pasi! Three places you’ll be taking selfies at this festive season?

*Deep in thoughts*

1.       Somewhere at the park. Because I want to take my daughter for picnics.

2.       Maybe somewhere in Bloemfontein, because I want to go home.

3.       A secret location I can’t share. I am going somewhere with my husband. Maybe, we will make a second baby… I don’t know. Lol!

Where are you spending Christmas?

At my house with my family.

Will we see your Christmas lunch on IG?

Maybe later. I’ll be in the moment with my family.

People that won’t make it to your IG posts this festive?


1.       My daughter. I don’t post her face. Don’t ask me why. I just don’t.

2.       Uhmm! My sister and my mom.

3.       I’m not gonna post my husband. You guys are gonna take my husband… *Bursts into laughter*… Never!! Yeah.

Your IG crush?

1.       DJ Khaled. I love how he loves his son. He’s always motivating the son.

2.       I love Bonang. I just love her style.

3.       I’m always checking out Minnie Dlamini’s style. I love her too.

What will you be posting on IG this December?

You’ll be seeing flyers, darling. I’ll be making money. Mapaseka booked here, Mapaseka booked there.

Thank you! We will definitely be Insta-stalking you.

Okay! You should. I know you do. Just continue. It’s festive, let’s be happy and let’s stop hating. Send nice comments.

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